David Solís

Specialists in refractory materials
since 1973

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Refractarios David Solís S.L.

Founded in the year 1973 by David Solís Álvarez, its business is dedicated to the field of refractory materials. Over time it has begun specialising and, in 1983, in view of the company’s growth and the incorporation of younger generations, the company changed its name to Refractarios David Solís, S.L.

Today, it is committed to the quality of its products, paying special attention to R+D.

Refractory materials

Spanish UNE standards define refractory materials as those materials whose refractoriness is equal to or in excess of 1,500 ºC. They mainly comprise silicates or compounds such as carbon, graphites, carbides, nitrides, borides, silicides...

The company Refractarios David Solís, S.L. is a company which basically manufactures those refractory materials.